Drum Circles

Join a drum circle and enjoy the rhythm and dancing.
We found a drum circle in Crystal River on Fort Island Trail at the beach.
None of us knew what to expect at the drum circle but we went to see what it was all about.
When we got to the beach there was nobody there!
But we waited till the event time and to our surprise the place was filled with drummers, bongo players and flutist. I couldn’t believe how many folks showed up to enjoy the rhythm and dance.

There was one lead drummer who started the rhythm and eventually everyone joined in. It was exciting to watch and join. Shortly after the rhythm got started people got up and danced. There was all types of dancing going on and that was just more entertainment.

Okay, how do you find a drum circle?
There are lots of way to find them, I use Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here are some websites for drum circles;
USA Drum Circle Finder by DrumCircles.net
There are lots of drum circles listed on this website.
Click on your State and look for an event near you.

Here is another website with some information on some drum circles. https://www.dcfg.net/

In Crystal River on W. Fort Island Trail at the beach
they have the circle every 2nd Sunday of the month.
Facebook information on Citrus County Drummers.
YouTube Video Mar 23/19 from Art Hoffman CLICK HERE

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