This is my political opinion on politics.

I’m am 75% Capitalist and 25% Socialist. I total believe that capitalism (greed) is the engine of economics. However, every economic system has common needs that can’t be met by one or two people or companies.
I’m talking about our road systems, aviation, military and so on.

The game of Monopoly shows everyone the result of pure Capitalism.
Everybody gets to start the game but at the end there is only one winner!

So here is my opinion about life.
Feel free to disagree and leave comments.

GOP has lost it’s collective minds following a mentally challenged dictator.
I believe they will pay a heavy price in the upcoming elections.
Not only do they blindly do what Trump tells them to do.
They passed a crazy fiscal budget. The GOP was the party of conservatism and now they are the biggest spenders on earth!
I’m personally worried that our children will have to sacrifice their standard of living to pay our collective debt. That is a terrible wrong thing to do to our kids.

They have goodwill and a conscious but can’t get anything done.
They don’t know how to fight for things we all need. 
Republican’s will sacrifice everything to get what they want!
It’s usually money for their friends and hurting middle and lower income people. Democrats could learn a lot from the GOP. They are too busy talking about something else, and being outraged!

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