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We didn’t do all that much, but we did go back to Elkmont Campgrounds with our whole family. We got there at the beginning of June right when the Synchronous Fireflies are swarming.

Luck was with us this year because the best show of Fireflies was in the Elkmont area and we were right there. We watched fireflies and the kids caught them in their bowls, it was great. Then we got to go into Gatlinburg and watch the grandkids move a 10,500 lb rock, doesn’t get better than that.

Karen and I went for a hike up Jake’s trail in the backcountry of Elkmont.
Up in the woods Karen saw something run across the trail in front of us.
We stopped and I watched to see what it might be and then it happened.

We saw a little fawn run across the trail right behind it was a black bear trying to catch it. Right behind the bear was a doe trying to stomp on the bear. It was chaos in the jungle and it was all happening right in front of us.

They all ran right by us on the other side of a small stream about 20 feet away. We thought the fawn was going to be lunch for the bear as the disappeared into the bushes. A few minutes later the bear came back up the path without the fawn. He didn’t catch it, he looked at us then turned and walked back into the woods.

You guessed it; our cameras didn’t work when we needed them.
Everything happened so fast we couldn’t  get a picture.

After the family all went home we moved into Dave and Lara Postin’s yard in Gatlinburg.  We stayed there for another week or so. Dave Postin is a carver and can be seen sitting on benches in town carving. He is well known to the folks at McDonald’s. 

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Rick Mercier

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