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Jan 2019
Oh boy! it’s 2019 and we have been overwhelmed with homework!
Jan and Feb we’ll be spending our time between Village Pines in
Inglis and home in Palm Harbor Florida. We have been away from home for a longtime and now we need to catch up on everything.

Feb 1019
If there isn’t enough to do already we found the Zoom trailer also has a cracked bathroom dome. Yup it rained real bad and we had water inside the camper, more work! I was able to purchase a new dome from Amazon and installed it quick and easy. Finally no more leaks for now, that was short lived.

I haven’t had any time to work on videos but I’m going to get started on some new stuff soon. The YouTube channel is starting to pick up viewers.
Seems lots of folks are interested in making frugal little trailers.
We love traveling with our little trailer even though we had to make many repairs. We are looking forward to heading to Tennessee for a month or so later this year. Then the plan is to head up to New Hampshire and Maine for the summer. We’ll be hanging out in Windham NH and Hancock ME.

Best laid plans can all change fast.
In February I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer that changed all our plans for the year. We spent the summer in treatments and didn’t get a chance to head north as we planned. My treatments ended mid-September and we decided to try a short trip to Mountain Home Arkansas.

I felt great and didn’t know anything was wrong inside me. The doctors said you have Prostate Cancer. Once the treatments started I didn’t feel so well. The treatments made me very tired and I had very bad hot flashes like my wife had. Now I know how much she suffered with hot flash. I feel bad I didn’t have more empathy for her when she was over heating from the inside. For more information about Prostate Cancer Click Here.

Sept 2019
My cousin Donna moved to Mountain Home Arkansas from Soldotna Alaska. So we went up to visit her for a week and see some Arkansas sights.
Interesting thing happened on our way to Mountain Home. We decided to stop at a Day’s Inn near Birmingham Alabama for the night. The rooms was nice when we got in everything looked great. Then I saw a black bug on the pillow! Then there was another one! Turns out the place was infested with bed bugs! Needless to say we didn’t stay there that night. We got a refund and left. I was late and we were tired, I saw a Love’s Travel Stop with a McDonalds. We stopped there and stay the night for FREE and breakfast was waiting for us when we woke up!

Mountain Home Arkansas is a nice quiet town at the top, middle of the state. It’s just an hour drive east of Branson Missouri. We got to go to an auction there and my cousin won a beautiful dining room table and chairs cheap. We meet her daughter Kim and her husband Michael. They own three coffee stops in town called Brewed Awakening. If your near Mountain Home stop in for a coffee or cold freeze drink.

From Mountain Home we went down to San Antonio to visit family that lives there. On our way through Austin Texas it was raining hard. There was lots of lightning and sure enough a bolt hit an electric sign in front of us. It was interesting see the sign blowup like a July 4th fireworks.
It was a great time visiting with my son Pat and Krista and my grandson Oliver.

My brother Dave also lives in San Antonio and we were able to spend some time with him too.

From San Antonio we drove home to Florida.
We did stay overnight at the Florida Welcome Center up near the Alabama line. Nice safe place to close our eyes. Before getting all the way back to Palm Harbor we stopped at Village Pines in Inglis. That’s where or Zoom Dutchman 18’ trailer is parked. We finely stated setting it up to hang out during the winter. Once again it was raining hard and we had more leaks in the roof.

Oct 2019
For the most part of October we spent our time between Palm Harbor and Inglis.

The Zoom turned out to have lots of problems because of the water.
Water got trapped in-between the layers of the floor. The floor started to rot and had to be removed. To my surprise the floor was nothing more than 1/4” plywood and foam, real cheaply made. 

I put 3/8” inch plywood down and that wasn’t enough and finally put another 3/8” inch plywood over that.
Now it’s 3/4” of plywood on the floor and it’s a lot better. We still have to put tiles back down. If you have water leak don’t ignore it fix it fast and make sure the water isn’t trapped in the walls or floor.
Just because it’s out of sight it’s still going to make trouble later.

Nov 2019
This month was spent fixing things at the camper and at home. It always amazes me how much there is to do.

Dec 2019
his month I needed to get my Lupron shot to fight the prostate cancer.
I don’t like this treatment but I need to get two more shots over the next year. This treatment makes cause me to have bad hot-flashes and makes me tired. Christmas was great in Palm Harbor with our grand kids and family.
We are looking forward to next year.
I’m looking forward to 2020.

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