Capitalist Hoarders?

Are Capitalist Hoarders?

In short; yes

That’s why they have such bad attitudes. They have so much stuff their overwhelmed and depressed. Our economic system in America is based on greed. Hoarders are happy collecting stuff, that’s what they do! They also don’t want to share or part with any of their hoard.

A rich capitalist motto is;

“He who has the most things (Expensive cars, Big Boats, Big Houses everywhere) is the winners. Maybe or maybe not!
Other side;
The more you have the more you worry about.
The more stuff you have the more money you need to manage it!
A vicious cycle of craziness. We all need money but hoarders take it too far.
You know a hoarder when you see them. Some folks have a lot of stuff but you wouldn’t consider them hoarders. They are the economic force that drives our economy. Once a person has so much money they can’t spend it, that’s a hoarder.


It is a double edge sword and it cuts both ways.
The economics of our society is based on somebody needing help to make
more money for them self. If we didn’t have greedy hoarders our system wouldn’t work for anyone. Their need to get richer forces them to hire employees so they can make more money.

The plus side for workers?

We get low wage jobs, and a very structured work place with plenty of rules
to help us succeed. We are so lucky!

What can you do?

If you don’t like the system we have vote for people that want to change it.
The folks in government now gave us the system we have. We can change it by voting! You better get to vote.

Capitalism is like the Monopoly Game

In the end there is one winner and winners don’t usually share.

Rick Mercier 2018 updated 2-2020

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