Frugal Class

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Frugal Class

I was just sitting around listening to the radio because I can afford to do that. They were talking about the poor middle class. I remember being middle class. Then it hit me! Most of my friends and I are now members of the FRUGAL CLASS!

Yup, Frugal Class that’s what we are now. We all do more with less and there are some benefits.

Having less means you worry less because you don’t have much to worry about! That’s good, right?

You learn to fix things and use them longer. So, you become a good trades person. Also, you get good at networking, because the bigger your network the better. There is a chance someone you know can help you. You don’t have to pay a friend for help.  Soon enough they may need your assistance.

Thinking about the burdens that rich folks have makes me happy to be Frugal Class. They have to worry all the time about everything they have. Is my yacht okay, what about my home in the Hampton’s, how is the stock market doing? Think about all the sleepless nights they suffer through.
They have pills to relax, pills to sleep, pills to keep them awake. We as Frugal Class people don’t need all those pills, so we are FREE of these burdens also.
Remember were all in this together. People know lots of tricks to survive and live better lives. Learning what they do might make your life better!

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Rick Mercier 2/2020

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