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Welcome to Rick & Karen’s 2020 Blog

This year was mostly a bad year. The COVID-19 virus is killing hundreds of thousand
of people in America! The Trump administration is doing nothing to stop the spread.
Worst, is they won’t even say wear a mask! We are in big trouble, WEAR A MASKS!

Karen and I have stayed at camp in Inglis Florida for the year. Like a lot of people we haven’t seen
our grand kids in a year. Hopefully 2021 will be better.

Corona Virus Everyone should prepare now.

Nancy Messonnier Director of CDC
She said the Corona virus is coming and be prepared for it’s arrival.
Some are talking about the same approach to containment that’s happening
in other countries. Quarantining large area of people to stop the spread.
CDC link

Don’t believe Trump and his arm of talking heads they are not telling you the truth about the dangers. They don’t believe in science. I don’t think they understand what’s going on. There is a panic in the White House because the stock market is going down.

My plan
I’m heading out today to purchase a bunch of dry food and can goods.
We want to have enough food on hand to last about 45 days.
Everyone should make plans before it’s too late.

April 2020
Karen and I are living in Inglis at Village Pines Campground.
This seems like the safest place for us to be because there is so few people up here.
Finding things that we need is getting more difficult because of the hoarding.
People are buying all the paper products in all the stores. There is no need of this because
there is plenty of product in the system. 

All my plans for this month and next are on hold. I don’t believe anything work on our new
mini camper will start before July. If there is any chance of heading north to New England
won’t happen until August. Worst there is a very good probability that the virus will be 
back in force by November!

While I sit killing time at the campground I’m learning how to use a wood burner. 
I’ve started making wood burnt signs.

March 2020
I’m fully involved with the new camper build. The repairs to the hitch are finished. Now the floor has to be rebuild and then the frame.
Stay tuned.

We are in San Antonio Texas as of March 2nd. We’ll be here until the 18th, then we head home.
It was a long ride through the south on I-10. Louisianan has the worst sections on I-10 to drive on.
Near Lafayette and Lake Charles the road is terrible. There is lots of roadwork being done but nothing is done!
We have driven on this section of I-10 for years. It has always been bad and I would suggest finding another way around.

Feb. 2020

The plan for this month is to work hard and fast on the new trailer.
Also to spend some time on the weekend up at Village Pines.
I have started some minor work on the frame of the trailer.
The hitch needs some work before the build can start.
It was manufacturer using very thin cheap iron and it needs re-enforcement.  Pictures and videos are coming.

Lots of time was spent this month working on websites.
TampaBayWay and TBWay.com were resurrected and organized.
The focus of the website will be just what is happening in Tampa Bay.

Then a bunch of clean up on FrugalWay.com. I moved all the personal stuff of the site and moved it back here. Frugal Way is going to focus on people saving some money, Living the frugal way. Listening to the radio talking about the perils of middle class when it came to me. I was middle class but now I’m a member of the Frugal Class. The Frugal Class get to do more with less, that’s us now! More on the subject at FrugalWay.com

We are preparing for our trip to San Antonio Texas. My son need a dog sitter for a week. Then it’s a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day  and also my brother Dave’s Birthday. It all should be fun and maybe we’ll see some flowers.

I recorded a video of Isabel. Isabel Talks and  Talks

Jan. 2020

Well 2020 is here and I’m going to start updating this blog.
Should be lots to say with the new trailer build and all the
new places to visit this year. The month has started out hard
with everyone getting a cold. But things are started to move.

I’m still getting treatments for Prostate Cancer.
My treatments now are one shot of Lupron every six months for
a total of two years. I have one more year to go. For more
information on my Prostate Cancer fight Click Here.

The first repairs of the year came early. The Zoom Dutchman trailer’s
floor rotted out! I took the linoleum off the floor and found
the 1/4 Luan plywood underneath was rotting. Worst, there is
only 1/4″ plywood and 2″ Styrofoam for a floor. Not a very well
built floor. Shame on Dutchman for building this trailer so cheap.

You can’t see the sub floor of a trailer because it has a
covering over it. Until there is a problem and you take it apart you don’t know. That is when you l see the cheap stuff underneath. I was able to
put two layers of 3/8″ plywood on the floor.
The floor is a lot stronger now.


Mini Campers from Palm Harbor, FL

I’m about to start building Camper 3 and all the build info will
be on FrugalWay.com. Check it out if you are interested in mini campers.

Our first Mini Camper; 8ft x 4ft about 5 feet high.
see FrugalWay.com for more information on our Camper 1 build.   
2nd mini Camper; 9.5ft x 6ft about 5 feet high.   We call it theGypsy Wagon.
See FrugalWay.com for more information.

I have new plan for the FrugalWay.com website focusing on saving money camping in America. You can follow the progress on FrugalWay.com.

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