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Our plans for 2021
Well we have not done any traveling in two years. 2019 was prostate cancer treatments.
2020 was the year of COVID and waiting for a chance to get a vaccine.

This summer we are leaving Florida for a while and traveling north.
Florida is very hot in the summer and the plan is to visit family in New Hampshire.

Also planned for the year the new camper build. I have a strong motivation to get it done

Jan 2021
We thank all the people who voted Joe Biden into the presidency, good bye Trump!
Maybe same good things will be happening to folks of America soon.
He’s focused on COVID vaccine I hope he stays on it the world need it.

We are still waiting in Inglis for something to happen so we can start living again.

Feb 2021
Oh my there is vaccine being distributed in Florida this month!

Publix and Levy County offered vaccine shots if you could get signed up.
There are millions of folks in Florida trying to get the vaccine but is not easy to get signed up.
If you are 65 or older you can qualify for the shop but you can only sign up online! 
Many people over 65 don’t have computers, not a great plan.

We were able to get our vaccines here. Karen was able to sign up at Publix, I was able to 
get signed up at Levy County. This month we got both shots what a big relief. 
For the first time we feel safe. We are planning to go back to Palm Harbor in early March.

Everyone needs to keep trying to get signed up, don’t give up. 

March 2021

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